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kisah cintaku (T.T)

assalammualaikum ..
hye guys ! dah berbulan aku tak update blog aku ini .. tak ada masa lah wei .. sibukkkkk .. aku nak mintak maaf la .. entry aku kali ini , aku tak letak face2 yang comel2 tu .. hehe .. hahh .. first thing aku nak buat , korang baca2 gak aku nyer entry ini .. tapi wish lah sekali kat aku selamat bertunang .. aku dah tunang pada 10/06/2012 .. okelah aku tak nak bebel lama2 aku nak 'share story' aku ini kat korang .. ermmm .. aku dah tak tahu nak luah kat siapa da .. 'cerita nyer cam ni"

beberapa hari sebelum majlis tunang aku berlangsung .. aku rasa bahagia sangat .. dia ' always with me' aku dah tak sanggup berpisah dengan dia .. bagi aku dia lah segala2nya .. teman, kasih , cinta , dan 'everything' .. aku buat jerk apa yang dia suruh .. dia sayangi aku , sampai dia sanggup kejar masa untuk aku .. orang kata 1 hari tak jumpa macam berjuta tahun ... haa .. mula2 aku tak caya gak .. ada kew rindu sampai tak boleh nak jumpa .,. tapi hari ini aku alami .. memang betul wei .. memang adab orang bercinta kowt .. haha .. tibalah hari paling bahagia .. hari pertunangan aku.. korang cuba bayangkan , aku pakai baju punyalah sendat , dalam aku pakai baju inear , pakai kain dalam lagi semua untuk dia .. dia memang caring .. aku tak kisahlah .. memang lah aku rimas .. tapi nak buat camana .. dia suruh aku tutup semua .. dm cinta aku kat dia , aku buat .. aku tetap nampak cantik .. haha .. memang hari tu hari paling bahagia aku .. tapi selepas selesai majlis tu , kami mulalah gaduh .. dari pandangan dia ada yang tak cukup .. 1 aku tak tutup rambut dengan betul .. sebab aku pakai skarf jerk .. so nampak leher ..
2 aku abaikan mak abah dia .. mana tak nya .. dalam kepala aku tengah fikirkan majlis ini .. sememangnya aku suruh family dia tggu aku , aku nak ambil kasut untuk keluar .. bukan aku sengaja lambat2 kan masa, tapi family aku dah tarik aku dulu .. aku sedih sangat2 sebab apa yang aku buat semua tak betul dimata nya .. sedangkan aku cuba buat yang terbaik untuk dia ..

aku sedih sangat2 .. tolonglah kawan2 ku .. apa yang aku perlu buat .. aku masih sayang kan dia .. tapi aku nak jar dia sesuatu . aku nak dia sedar pengorbanan aku untuk dia .. apa yang aku perlu laku kan .. aku da mati akal ...


  1. Well... Why don't you just let him know how you feel about it and sort things out? =)

    From the way you are putting it here, these two problems aren't something that both of you should be arguing about in the first place.

    I am aware how important it is to cover a woman's aurat in Islam. I studied Islamic Philosophy during my university days, dwelling in some of Al-Ghazali's respected masterpieces. I ain't denying the importance of this issue in the eyes of your fiance... but on the other hand, he does not need to argue about this with you either. If he is really not happy with how you dress, why argue when he just needs to tell you how he feels and not to do that again next time?

    What's done is already done. It is the future that can be changed... so why making so much of a fuss about what that has already passed, right? =)

    The second one is a little bit trickier. This involved juggling between the interests of your and his family. But at the same time, is it really a problem to both of you should be arguing about in the first place? Talk to him about it, but sort it out nicely. Do not put the blame on him or anyone, because blaming does not solve the problem... you are only pushing it to someone else to do the dirty work.

    Resolve it, and get it done quickly. How to get married and live as a single family unit when issues between differing family interests are not sorted out? If there is a problem, it is both of you who have to fix it. It is your choice to waste your time, resources and emotions bickering and hurting each other, or to work together to fix whatever that is not right for the best of both parties. That, is how two people learn to stick together... not just in the context of marriage, but even in the simplest form of friendship.

    Isn't it? =)

    PS: I apologise if you feel that I am prying into your private issues... but since you have posted it here, I can't help but to share with you some of my thoughts and insights.

    Am here because of the blogwalking segment, and out of the many blogs I have scanned through, this post is one of those that caught my attention.

    I pray that both of you would be able to resolve and find peace with each other's differences. Marriage is not just about two people getting together, but it is about them coming together as one flesh. Becoming a single living unit that is both dynamic and organic... and engagement is one of the phrases where you learn and discover more about each other before finally making that commitment.

    Therefore, make sure that you made the best of your time to learn, cope and understand more about him.

    Take care. =)

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver
    (Writer, Poet, Blogger.)

    Blog: rippling-ripples.blogspot.com

  2. PS: Oh yes. I have already added myself as one of your followers. =)

    See you around in my blog, Ripples, as well! Visitors are always welcomed to drop by and check out my latest poetry, recommendations and adventures! =D

    Wilson Khor W.H. @ Seymour Nightweaver